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First Leap at the year of the Tiger - The strategic cooperation between China Resources (Beijing) Medical Devices and Beijing Lidakang has been officially signed

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Recently, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between China Resources Medical Devices and LDK was held at China Resources medical devices headquarters in Beijing. Tang Yanlin, chairman of China Resources medical devices, Zhao Yibin, vice chairman, Li Hongwei, Wang Zhen and Chen Jie, deputy general managers, and representatives of the main principals of the finance department, procurement department, marketing department and product department of the headquarters attended the signing ceremony. Xu Ning, chairman of LDK and Qu Qingang, deputy general manager, attended the signing ceremony with the main heads of relevant departments of the enterprise.

During the talks, Tang Yanlin extended a warm welcome to Xu Ning and his party. Chairman Tang Yanlin reviewed historical achievements in the past bilateral cooperation and summarized the promising prospect of medical devices according to rapid market growth in recent years. Tang Yanlin pointed out that the main goal of the cooperation of China Resources medical devices and LDK will be establishing a professional platform for the National Orthopaedic products by China Resources strong supply chain including its platform, trade and service, the third-party logistics of medical devices and the supply chain management and service. The meeting between two chairmen reflects their keenness to develop bilateral relations. In a speech, the leaders of China Resources medical device supply chain said that they would establish a long-term and stable partnership as well as close and efficient information communication channels with LDK in accordance with the principles of public justice and mutual benefit. With sincerely cooperation and co-development, both can achieve the win-win by this innovative cooperation. There is a huge space for cooperation in the future. Both companies are headquartered in Beijing. The two sides can cooperate with each other and give full play to their respective advantages to jointly serve the capital economy. He also wished the bilateral cooperation can help both progress to a new level.

Xu Ning firstly made a brief introduction of the development history and current operation situation of LDK. As a high-tech professional enterprise, LDK focuses on research, development, production and sales of artificial joints. Its main product line includes dozens of products in the three fields: hip, knee and tumor. As a drafting unit, LDK participated in the formulation of 3D printing medical device group standard of China Medical Device Industry Association. In 2021, LDK realized a new strategic layout, launched the first single condyle product with registration certificate in China, and made a breakthrough in tantalum coating technology. In 2022, the national centralized procurement policy, combined with the actual market situation of the medical device industry, and the enterprise's policy guidelines and strategic adjustment, LDK will make great adjustments to high-tech R & D, robotics and technical services in the future. With the gradual promotion of LDK's new high-tech products, it will plan to build an enterprise with orthopedic digital economy characteristics. Xu Ning believes that as a service window headquartered in Beijing, China Resources medical devices can deepen its cooperation with LDK. He hopes that through this strategic cooperation signing, we can strengthen mutual contacts and achieve win-win cooperation of strong alliances.


Chairman Xu Ning congratulated on the strategic signing. He said that 2022 is the key period of national centralized procurement. He hopes to take this cooperation as a new starting point, realize complementary advantages and explore deeper fields in the medical device industry. Thanks China Resources medical device supply chain for its trust and support to LDK. LDK will live up to expectations, promise to standardize production processes, ensure product quality, innovate ideas, develop new products, enrich product lines, and effectively improve the brand's market competitive advantage. We pursue the mission of medical device enterprises from the needs of patients, industrial development and social responsibility.

The two sides held a cordial discussion, determined the market development direction, carried out in-depth discussion on the future close cooperation and formulated a detailed plan, complied with the development trend of national centralized procurement, improved the transformation of innovation achievements, realized the comprehensive upgrading of technology, products, services and informatization, promoted the high-quality development of enterprises of both sides, and created a perfect combination system of production, sales and supply chain services with more competitive advantages. Through the strategic cooperation between the two sides, the existing professional platforms of China Resources medical devices and LDK are used to pave the market, combine the strong and the strong, make rational layout, and achieve win-win results.


This strategic cooperation signing will promote the two sides to build a new mechanism for cooperation and development, make use of the advantages of the professional platform of China Resources medical device supply chain and LDK technological innovation, improve service quality, share channel resources, and make greater contributions to the development of the medical device industry.

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